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Imbroglio chez BATUSHKA (Le 31/12/2018)


Revirement chez BATUSHKA (Black / Doom Orthodoxe). Si l'on en croit le communiqué publié à la suite de cette news le chanteur Bartlomiej Krysiuk ferait toujours partie du groupe contrairement au guitariste Krzysztof Drabikowski:

We would like to address the statement published on the (then) Batushka Instagram last Sunday:
Kris, our former guitarist, was told earlier this month that he would not participate in Batushka activities as we move into 2019. Kris was disappointed but understanding. We tried on multiple occasions to regain access to the Instagram page which was solely controlled by Kris. We had hoped that Kris would follow through with his promises to hand back control of Batushka’s Instagram but clearly that was not the case. This prompted a claim to have any pages operated by Kris, shut down based on intellectual property and trademark ownership.
Rest assured, everything will be reinstated soon!
Batushka is moving ahead with plans to release new music and begin a new touring cycle in 2019!


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