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BONEHUNTER "Children Of The Atom" (Finlande)
HAMMER KING "Poseidon Will Carry Us Home" (Allemagne)
LELAHELL "Alif" (Algérie)
THRON "Abysmal" (Allemagne)
CLOUD CUCKOO LAND "Somewhere In Between" (France)
FACTION SENESTRE "Civilisation" (France)
BLOOD STAIN CHILD "The Legend" (Japon)
ABSTRACTER "Cinereous Incarnate" (Etats-Unis)
POWERWOLF "The Sacrament Of Sin" (Allemagne)
RAUM KINGDOM "Everything & Nothing" (Irlande)
ANCIENT LIGHTS "Ancient Lights" (Royaume-Uni)
SEKTARISM "Hosanna Sathana" (France)
THE EVIL "The Evil" (Brésil)
COR SCORPII "Ruin" (Norvège)
WOLVENNEST « V.O.I.D. » (Belgique)
MY INDIGO "My Indigo" (Pays-Bas)
DRUG CULT "Drug Cult" (Australie)
MOONREICH "Fugue" (France)
THY PRIMORDIAL "The Blackend Years" (Suède)
HERON "A Low Winter's Sun" (Canada)
EVIL-LŸN "Disciple of Steel" (Finlande)
DWARROWDELF "The Sons of Fëanor" (Angleterre)
CRUENTATOR "Ain't War Hell?" (Italie)
NECROS CHRISTOS "Domedon Doxomedon" (Allemagne)
THY CATAFALQUE "Geometria" (Hongrie)
AURI "Auri" (Finlande)
TIR NAN OG "From The Gallows" (Allemagne)
MERRIMACK "Ashes Of Purification" (France)
BONG "Thought And Existence" (Royaume-Uni)
OMMADON "End Times" (Royaume-Uni)
REVEL IN FLESH "Relics Of The Deathkult" (Allemagne)
ASSUMPTION "Absconditus" (Italie)
VORGRUM "Party In The Deep" (Argentine)
ŠKAN "Death Crown" (Etats-Unis)
SOLSTICE "White Horse Hill" (Royaume-Uni)
EXEKUTION "The Worst Is Yet To Come" (Espagne)
KOLOSSOR "Crown Of Horns" (Etats-Unis)
SPEEDCLAW "Beast In The Mist" (Croatie)
CROSSFIRE "Drifting Ashore" (France/Angleterre)
HELL OBELISCO "Swamp Wizard Rises" (Italie)
NIGHT IN GALES "The Last Sunsets" (Allemagne)
CELTACHOR "Fiannaíocht" (Irlande)
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "The Incubus Of Karma" (Australie)
THE CLAN "Here To Stay" (Italie)
DREAM OCEAN "Lost Love Symphony" (Turquie)
HYRGAL "Serpentine" (France)
ANTLERS "Beneath.Below.Behold" (Allemagne)
EREVAN "A Way From Lie To Truth" (France)
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