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ARTILLERY "The Face Of Fear" (Danemark)
DOOMED "6 Anti-Odes To Life" (Allemagne)
RAUHNACHT "Unterm Gipfelthron" (Autriche)
MANSION "First Death Of The Lutheran" (Finlande)
GORGON "The Veil Of Darkness" (France)
MORTIIS "The Song of A Long Forgotten Ghost" (Norvège)
WHOREDOM RIFE "NID - Hymner Av Hat" (Norvège)
RAVAGER "Thrashletics" (Allemagne)
HELLLIGHT "As We Slowly Fade" (Brésil)
VANIR "Allfather" (Danemark)
DISRULE "Sleep In Your Honour" (Danemark)
SHALLOW GRAVE "Threshold Between Worlds" (Nouvelle Zélande)
Compilation "Terror Tales – A Tribute To DEATH SS" (International)
WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS "Angels Are Weeping... God Has Abandoned" (Etats-Unis)
ALASTOR "Slave To The Grave" (Suède)
HOLY SHIRE "The Legendary Sheperds Of The Forest" (Italie)
SORROWFUL LAND "I Remember" (Ukraine)
DYRNWYN "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" (Italie)
BLACK LOTUS "Sons Of Saturn" (Espagne)
NIGHTBREED "Beyond Inferno" (Grèce)
SUIDAKRA "Cimbric Yarns" (Allemagne)
VEONITY "Legend Of The Starborn" (Suède)
IVAN "Memory" (Australie)
FROZEN LAND "Frozen Land" (Finlande)
SLAEGT "The Wheel" (Danemark)
FARSOT / COLDWORLD "Toteninsel" (Allemagne)
MONGOL "The Return" (Canada)
FVZZ POPVLI "Magna Fuzz" (Italie)
SIRENIA "Arcane Astral Aeons" (Norvège)
SPECTRUM MORTIS "Kadosh" (Espagne)
SOLAR TEMPLE "Fertile Descent" (Pays-Bas)
MOONSHADE "Sun Dethroned" (Portugal)
A FOREST OF STARS "Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes" (Royaume-Uni)
DER KAISER "Cannonball" (France)
HELRUNAR "Vanitas Vanitatvm" (Allemagne)
ISKANDR "Euprosopon" (Pays-Bas)
RSO "Radio Free America" (Etats-Unis)
TOKYO BLADE "Unbroken" (Angleterre)
BRAINSTORM "Midnight Ghost" (Allemagne)
GNOSIS "The Offering Of Seven" (Etats-Unis)
DARKNESS "First Class Violence" (Allemagne)
HESSIAN "Mercenary Retrogade" (Etats-Unis)
BLACK VIPER "Hellions Of Fire" (Norvège)
GUARDIANS OF TIME "Tearing Up the World" (Norvège)
COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER "A Wound Of Body" (Etats-Unis)
MORNE "To The Night Unknown" (Etats-Unis)
ESOTERIC "The Pernicious Enigma" (Royaume-Uni)
BONEHUNTER "Children Of The Atom" (Finlande)
HAMMER KING "Poseidon Will Carry Us Home" (Allemagne)
LELAHELL "Alif" (Algérie)
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