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BLACK STRIKE " Black Strike" (Belgique)
BOISSON DIVINE "Volentat" (France)
LONEWOLF "The Heathen Dawn" (France)
DARKRISE "Fear, Hate & Corruption" (Suisse)
RORCAL "Creon" (Suisse)
THE GREAT WOUND "Voices Of Regret" (Espagne)
OCELON "Of the Lost Heritage" (Espagne)
PHANTASMA "The Deviant Hearts" (Allemagne-Autriche-Hollande)
RIMFROST "Rimfrost" (Suède)
DEADSMOKE "Deadsmoke" (Italie)
BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN "Element Of Destruction" (Allemagne)
WRATHRONE "Born Beneath" (Finlande)
LIGHTSUCKER "Zammal" (Finlande)
THE CLAN "All In The Name Of Folk" (Italie)
HOPES OF FREEDOM "Burning Skyfall" (France)
MESARTHIM "Isolate" (Australie)
SOMBRAS DEL DESTINO "Sueños Perdidos" (Espagne)
AKEM MANAH "Demons Of The Sabbat" (Etats-Unis)
CHURCH OF MISERY "And The There Were None..." (Japon/États-Unis)
THORNBRIDGE "What Will Prevail" (Allemagne)
GOATPSALM "Downstream" (Russie)
AMON AMARTH "Jomsviking" (Suède)
ELVARON "Ghost of a Blood Tie" (France)
FROZEN OCEAN "The Prowess Of Dormition" (Russie)
HARDHOLZ "Herzinfarkt" (Allemagne)
WHEN NOTHING REMAINS "In Memoriam" (Suède)
SPLIT HEAVEN "Death Rider" (Mexique)
GRIMNER "Frost Mot Eld" (Suède)
A.H.P. "Against Human Plague" (Norvège)
THUNDER LORD "Prophecies Of Doom" (Chili)
THIRD DIM3NSION "Conspiracy Theory" (Espagne)
DRAUGNIM "Vulturine" (Finlande)
MYSTIC PROPHECY "War Brigade" (Allemagne)
BIFRÖST "Mana Ewah" (Autriche)
SERENITY "Codex Atlanticus" (Autriche)
FORBIDDEN SEED "From Sand To Eternity" (Grèce)
ARTILLERY "Penalty By Perception" (Danemark)
VENDETTA FUCKING METAL "Inocencia Perdida" (Espagne)
FRENZY "Lethal Protector" (Espagne)
STARBLIND "Dying Son" (Suède)
THE NEW BLACK "A Monster's Life" (Allemagne)
CAMEL OF DOOM "Terrestrial" (Royaume-Uni)
HERESY OF DREAMS "Ante La Bestia" (Espagne)
KARMA TO BURN "Mountain Czar" (États-Unis)
ANVIL "Anvil is Anvil" (Canada)
HOODED EAGLE "Nightscapes From The Abyssal Planes" (États-Unis)
INNER WISH "Inner Wish" (Grèce)
MINDPATROL "The Marble Fall" (Luxembourg)
FIFTH TO INFINITY "Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire" (Suède)
ARRAYAN PATH "Chronicles Of Light" (Chypre)
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