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LYRIEL "Skin And Bones" (Allemagne)
IL VUOTO "Weakness" (Italie)
LORD FIST "Green Eyleen" (Finlande)
VREID "Sólverv" (Norvège)
DO OR DIE "Crows" (Belgique)
KAMPFAR "Profan" (Norvège)
LA HORDE "Dystopie" (France)
SIGNUM REGIS "Chapter IV: The Reckoning" (Slovaquie)
CHRIS HOLMES "Shitting Bricks" (Etats-unis)
ABYSMAL GRIEF Strange Rites Of Evil" (Italie)
AVATARIUM "The Girl With The Raven Mask" (Suède)
HATCHET "Fear Beyond Lunacy" (Etats-Unis)
TRIDDANA "The Power & the Will" (Argentine)
MAMMOTH STORM "Fornjot" (Suède)
GHOST "Meliora" (Suède)
OSDOU "Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World" (Autriche)
ALIEN SYNDROME 777 "Outer" (Italie / France / Espagne)
GLORYHAMMER "Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards" (Ecosse)
HEMELBESTORMER "Portals" (Belgique)
SELVANS "Lupercalia" (Italie)
HORNWOOD FELL "Yheri" (Italie)
HUNTRESS "Static" (États-Unis)
RAVENTALE "Dar Substance Of Dharma" (Ukraine)
BLOODRED HOURGLASS "Where The Oceans Burn" (Finlande)
ATROCIA "Dystopia: The Machine Murders" (Francé)
MAVERICK "Break It Up" (Espagne)
MERKFOLK "The Folk Bringer" (Pologne)
THUNDERHEART "Night Of The Warriors" (Espagne)
DRAUGUL "Chronicles Untold" (Suède)
FLESHDOLL "Blood Red District" (France)
SPELLBOUND "Nothing But The Truth" (Allemagne)
DRACONIAN "Sovran" (Suède)
TENTATION "Tentation e.p" (France)
(DOLCH) "I & II" (Allemagne)
TYRANNY "Aeons In Tectonic Interment" (Finlande)
GRIFT "Syner" (Suède)
GIRLSCHOOL "Guilty as Sin" (Angleterre)
T.A.N.K "Symbiosis" (France)
THORMESIS "Freier Wille - Freier Geist" (Allemagne)
VALKENRAG "Twilight Of Blood And Flesh" (Pologne)
IRON SLAUGHT "Crusading Metal Mercenaries" (France)
SKEPTICISM "Ordeal" (Finlande)
LACE WEEPER "As The Crow Flies" (Eire)
SABBATH ASSEMBLY "Sabbath Assembly" (Etats-Unis)
W.A.S.P "Golgotha" (Etats-Unis)
JACKSON FIREBIRD "Shake The Breakdown" (Australie)
UNCLE ACID "The Night Creeper" (Royaume-Uni)
MOONBOW "Volto Del Demone" (Etats-Unis)
WILDLIGHTS "Wildlights" (Etats-Unis)
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