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KARMA TO BURN "Mountain Czar" (États-Unis)
ANVIL "Anvil is Anvil" (Canada)
HOODED EAGLE "Nightscapes From The Abyssal Planes" (États-Unis)
INNER WISH "Inner Wish" (Grèce)
MINDPATROL "The Marble Fall" (Luxembourg)
FIFTH TO INFINITY "Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire" (Suède)
ARRAYAN PATH "Chronicles Of Light" (Chypre)
BODH'AKTAN "Bodh'Aktan" (Canada)
FUATH "I" (Écosse)
PARAGON "Hell Beyond Hell" (Allemagne)
ASYLUM PYRE "Spirited Away" (France)
HAMMER HORDE "Fed To The Wolves" (Etats-Unis)
COSTIN CHIOREANU "The Quest For A Morning Star" (Roumanie)
MAHESTRYA "The Undying Thing" (France)
OLD FOREST "Dagian" (Royaume-Uni)
SINBREED "Master Creator" (Allemagne)
WOMB "Deception Through Your Lies" (Espagne)
URANIA "Hieros Gamos" (Portugal)
WARFIELD "Call Of Arms" (Allemagne)
THRONE OF HERESY "Antioch" (Suéde)
ENNUI "Falsus Anno Domini" (Géorgie)
CRISIX "From Blue to Black" (Espagne)
NORDIC UNION "Nordic Union" (Suède-Danemark)
NO RAZA "When Chaos Reigns" (Colombie)
CONAN "Revengeance" (Grande-Bretagne)
ABBATH "Abbath" (Norvège)
ANOMALIE "Refugium" (Autriche)
HEIMDALLS WACHT "Der Untergang Der Alten Welt" (Allemagne)
SKELETOON "The Curse Of The Avenger" (Italie)
NAWATHER "Wasted Years" (Tunisie)
SEER "Vol. 1 & 2" (Canada)
NOCTURNE "Nocturne" (Autriche)
HOLY GRAIL "Times of Pride and Peril" (Etats-Unis)
DALTON "Pit Stop" (Suède)
DALRIADA "Áldás" (Hongrie)
BLACK OATH "To Below And Beyond" (Italie)
THRASHFIRE "Vengeance Of Fire" (Turquie)
VÄNLADE "Rage Of The Gods" (Etats-Unis)
DRENCHED IN BLOOD "Hail To The Slaughter" (Allemagne)
NORRSKÖLD "Ridden" (Suède)
BLACK TUSK "Pillars Of Ash" (Etats-Unis)
ARMOURED ANGEL "Communion" (Australie)
SVARTBY "Swamp, My Neighbour" (Russie)
TWINS CREW "Veni.Vidi.Vici" (Suède)
OMNIUM GATHERUM "Grey Heavens" (Finlande)
THE ARRS "Khrónos" (France)
VINTERBLOT "Realms Of The Untold" (Italie)
STILL SQUARE "Hard Rock'N'Roll" (France)
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