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INFINITYUM "Lord Of The Infinite" (France)
T H I N K "T h i n k" (France)
VIOLBLAST "Conflict" (Espagne)
1914 "Eschatology Of War" (Ukraine)
STONE SHIP "The Eye" (Finlande)
EXCUSE "Goddess Injustice" (Finlande)
EINHERJER "Dragons of The North XX" (Norvège)
RISING STEEL "Return Of The Warlord" (France)
PIMEÄ METSÄ "No Blood:No Glory" (Espagne)
SERPENT "Trinity" (Suède)
CRIMSON MOON "Oneironaut" (Allemagne)
ORDOG "The Grand Wall" (Finlande)
INSANITY ALERT "Moshburger" (Autriche)
KARG "Weltenasche" (Autriche)
RASPAIL "Dirge" (Italie)
HEXECUTOR "Poison, Lust And Damnation" (France)
CONCEIVED BY HATE "Death & Beyond" (Salvador)
CONDOR "Sangreal" (Colombie)
PAGANLAND "From Carpathian Land" (Ukraine)
BLAZON STONE "War Of The Roses" (Suède)
SLEGEST "Vidsyn" (Norvège)
VENEFIXION "Armorican Deathrites" (France)
ANTALGIA "Twisted Dreams Of Dark Commander" (Espagne)
NIGHTMARE "Dead Sun" (France)
DOOMCULT "End All Life" (Pays-Bas)
ALEX CORDO "Origami" (France)
HASTUR "The Black River" (Italie)
THEOCRACY "Ghost Ship" (Etats-Unis)
REVELATIONS OF RAIN "Akrasia" (Russie)
GUITAR FORCE "Different Universe" (Pologne)
HAIL SPIRIT NOIR "Mayhem In Blue" (Grèce)
IRON MASK "Diabolica" (Belgique)
ZAUM "Eidolon" (Canada)
REVEL IN FLESH "Emissary Of All Plagues" (Allemagne)
HEIMDALLS WACHT "Geisterseher" (Allemagne)
BORNHOLM "Primaeval Pantheons" (Hongrie)
ANCIENT EMPIRE "Other World" (Etats-Unis)
SYMPHONITY "King Of Persia" (République Tchèque)
RITI OCCULTI "Tetragrammaton" (Italie)
NEGURA BUNGET "Zi" (Roumanie)
PAGANLAND "From Carpathian Land" (Ukraine)
SILVER BULLET "Screamworks" (Finlande)
DOOMED "Anna" (Allemagne)
LOTUS THIEF "Gramarye"(Etats-Unis)
SERIOUS BLACK "Mirrorworld" (Allemagne)
ORTEGA "Sacred States" (Pays-Bas)
A TASTE OF FREEDOM "Carved In Our Dreams" (France)
DARKNESS "The Gasoline Solution" (Allemagne)
ERASERHEAD "Remnants Of Decadence" (Allemagne)
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