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VESANIA "Distractive Killusions" (Pologne)
VISION DIVINE "The 25Th Hour" (Italie)
AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Avenged Sevenfold" (USA)
DYING HUMANITY "Fallen Paradise" (Allemagne)
MAGO DE OZ "La Ciudad De Los Arboles" (Espagne)
THE ABSENCE "Riders Of The Plague" (USA)
MAROON "The Cold Heart Of Sun" (Allemagne)
CRYSTAL BALL "Secrets" (Suisse)
SYBREED "Antares" (Suisse)
AXEL RUDI PELL "Diamonds Unlocked" (Allemagne)
ARTEFACT "Ruins" (France)
INSOMNIUS DEI "Illusions Of Silence" (Australie)
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS "Ghost Reborn" (Finlande)
HYEMS "Antinomie" (Allemagne)
EXODUS "The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A" (USA)
AUSPEX "Resolutio" (France)
OVERKILL "Immortalis" (USA)
DEEP IN HATE "Only The Strong Survive" (France)
SALHEM "Connexion Animale" (France)
EMPIRE "Chasing Shadows" (Allemagne)
AABSINTHE "In Search Of Light " (France)
HELSTAR "Sins Of The Past" (USA)
SWORN ENEMY "Maniacal" (USA)
SERJ TANKIAN "Elect The Dead" (USA)
BENIGHTED "Icon" (France)
IMPALED NAZARENE "Manifest" (Finlande)
THE OLD DEAD TREE "The Water Fields" (France)
CEREBRAL TURBULENCY "Crach Test" (République Tchèque)
NECRODEATH "Draculea" (Italie)
SOUL DOCTOR "Blood Runs Cold" (Allemagne)
COVERSLAVE "Killer Cuts From The Beast" (France)
THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE "Pitch Black Dawn" (Pays Bas)
SVARTSOT "Ravnenes Saga" (Danemark)
BLUT AUS NORD "Odinist" (France)
MUTIILATION "Sorrow Galaxies" (France)
ETHS "Teratologie" (France)
POPPY SEED GRINDER "Oppressed Reality" (République Tchèque)
FORNICATION "D N hAte" (France)
DEMIA "Insidious" (Pays-Bas)
MAEDER "Same" (Australie)
ANAAL NATHRAKH "Hell Is Empty And All the Devils Are Here" (Royaume-Uni)
ASHURA "The Legacy Of Hatred" (France)
BLACK DEMENTIA "Dictum Of Negation" (France)
OPITZ / RUBUFASO MUKUFO "Split Cd" (République Tchèque)
NYCTOPHOBIC "Blast From The Past" (Allemagne)
G.O.R.E "Never Sober Level" (République Tchèque)
TERROR "Rythm Amongst The Chaos" (USA)
PAUL SABU "Strange Messiah" (USA)
SHAMAN "Immortal" (Brésil)
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