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FOREVER SLAVE "Tales For Bad Girls" (Espagne)
CRYSTALLION "Hattïn" (Allemagne)
COMMMUNIC "Payement Of Existence" (Norvège)
UNLEASHED "Hammer Batallion" (Suède)
PERZONAL WAR "Bloodline" (Allemagne)
SABATON "The Art Of War" (Suède)
ANATHEMA "Hindsight" (Royaume -Uni)
CARNIFEX "The Diseased And The Poisoned" (USA)
MY DYING BRIDE "An Ode To Woe" (Royaume-Uni)
MELY "...Leave And Enter Empty Rooms..." (Autriche)
GUN BARREL "Outlaw Invasion" (Allemagne)
STORMLORD "Mare Nostrum" (Italie)
ABORTED "Strychnine.213" (Belgique)
TEMUJIN "1000 Tears" (Australie)
PYRAMAZE "Immortal" (Danemark)
BATTLEROAR "To Death And Beyond..." (Grèce)
OPETH "Watershed" (Suède)
DANTESCO "Pagano" (Porto-Rico)
WINTER'S VERGE "Eternal Damnation" (Chypre)
KEEP OF KALESSIN "Kolossus" (Norvège)
BELPHEGOR "Bondage Goat Zombie" (Autriche)
BLOODBATH "The Wacken Carnage" (Suède)
SMASH THE BRAIN "Construction of Despair" (Japon)
HOLLENTHON "Opus Magnum" (Autriche)
CRYPTOPSY "The Unspoken King" (Canada)
VENOM "Hell " (Royaume-Uni)
GLENN HUGHES "F.U.N.K." (Royaume-Uni)
FIREWIND "The Premonition" (Grèce)
EXCITER "Thrash, speed, burn" (Canada)
SIGIS "Le Grand Retour De Nibiru" (France)
OBTEST "Gyvybes Medis" (Lituanie)
ADX "Division Blindée" (France)
CARNAL LUST "Dawn Of The Hatred" (France)
REVERENCE "Chamber Of Divine Elaboration" (France)
EDENBRIDGE "MyEarthDream" (Autriche)
RED ROAD CROSSING "Medecine Man" (France)
TYR "Land" (Iles Féroés)
VIRUS IV "Dark Sun" (Belgique)
HEADHUNTER "Parasite Of Society" (Allemagne)
FOLK STONE "Folk Stone" (Italie)
ANGEL OF EDEN "The End Of Never" (Suisse)
MOONSORROW "Tulimyrsky EP" (Finlande)
PERIMETER "Odium Humani Generis" (Russie)
PIERRE MARIE REVERDY "Illuvatar" (Canada)
DREAMSCAPE "Revoiced" (Allemagne)
HAIL OF BULLETS "...Of Frost And War" (Pays-Bas)
SHENANIGANZ "Four Finger Fist Fight" (Allemagne)
DYSLESIA "In Veins Hearts And Minds" (France)
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