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ALASTOR "Black Magic" (Suède)
COLTSBLOOD "Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness" (Royaume-Uni)
DEVIL "To The Gallows" (Norvège)
NECROWRETCH "Satanic Slavery" (France)
SPEEDRUSH "Endless War" (Grèce)
VHÄLDEMAR "Old King's Visions" (Espagne)
ETERNAL SAMHAIN "Storyteller Of The Sunset And The Dawn" (Italie)
XANDRIA "Theater Of Dimensions" (Allemagne)
CUSTARD "A Realm Of Tales" (Allemagne)
MORBID FLESH "Rites Of The Mangled" (Espagne)
FALLS OF RAUROS "Vigilance Perennial" (Etats-Unis)
LIV SIN "Follow Me" (Suède)
DEFICIENCY "The Dawn Of Consciousness" (France)
NACHTGESCHREI "Tiefenrauch" (Allemagne)
POKERFACE "Game On" (Russie)
IMBER LUMINIS "Nausea" (Belgique)
OTUS "7.83Hz" (Italie)
AETERNITAS "House Of Usher " (Allemagne)
MY SILENT WAKE "Invitation To Imperfection" (Grande Bretagne)
IN.SI.DIA "Denso Inganno" (Italie)
ALUNAH "Solennial" (Royaume-Uni)
RUNAHILD "Seidgaldr" (Norvège)
MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen" (Espagne)
SAILLE "Gnosis" (Belgique)
DREAD SOVEREIGN "For Doom The Bell Tolls" (Irlande)
PANIKK "Discarded Existence" (Slovénie)
CATALEPTIC "Forward" (Finlande)
PRIMAL ATTACK "Heartless Oppressor" (Portugal)
YMIR'S BLOOD "Ymir's Blood" (Finlande)
CHRONOSPHERE "Red'n'Roll" (Grèce)
RED SPHERE "Red Sphere" (France)
THRON "Thron" (Allemagne)
THE TOSSERS "Smash The Windows" (Etats-Unis)
LUNAR SHADOW "Far From Light" (Allemagne)
IN THOUSAND LAKES "Age Of Decay" (Espagne)
MARCHE FUNEBRE "Into The Arms Of Darkness" (Belgique)
BEYOND THE BLACK "Lost In Forever" (Allemagne)
TERRIFIER "Weapons Of Thrash Destruction" (Canada)
VICTORIUS "Heart Of The Phoenix" (Allemagne)
EMERALD "Reckoning Day" (Suisse)
HYMN "Perish" (Norvège)
BLACK OAK COUNTY "Black Oak County" (Danemark)
NOCTEM "Haeresis" (Espagne)
ELIWAGAR "I Vølven’s Vev" (Norvège)
ENTROPIA INVICTUS "Human Pantocrator" (France)
GUADAÑA "Karma" (Espagne)
SATAN WORSHIP "I'm The Devil" (Brésil/Allemagne)
DEAD WITCHES "Ouija" (Royaume Uni/Italie)
HEAVY TEMPLE "Chassit" (Etats-Unis)
BLEED "Chaos Impact" (France)
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