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FOLKODIA "Battle Of The Milvian Bridge" (International)
FAAL "Desolate Grief" (Pays Bas)
ARMORTURA "Armortura" (Angleterre)
IRDORATH "Denial Of Creation" (Autriche)
BEASTIALITY "Worshippers Of Unearthly Perversions" (Suède)
FROST GIANT "The Harlot Star" (États-Unis)
CLAMFIGHT "III" (États-Unis)
SPARTAN WARRIOR "Hell To Pay" (Angleterre)
KAYLETH "Colossus" (Italie)
SOLDIERS OF SOLACE "We Are Immortal" (États-Unis)
MONADS "IVIIV" (Belgique)
LAST LEGION "Muspelheim" (États-Unis)
ESOTERIC "Esoteric Emotions - The Death Of Ignorance" (Royaume-Uni)
VERHEERER "Maltrér" (Allemagne)
ANGELMORA "Mask Of Treason" (Grèce)
KNIGHT "High On Voodoo" (Inde)
FROZEN CROWN "The Fallen King" (Italie)
DEPERIR "Dépérir" (Canada)
KELDIAN "Darkness And Light" (Norvège)
WILD FREEDOM "Set The Night On Fire" (Espagne)
THE DARKER ELEMENT "The Darker Element" (Finlande)
KALEVALA "Snowstorm" (Russie)
HELL IN THE CLUB "See You On The Dark Side" (Italie)
TONGUES "Hreilia" (Danemark)
RASPY JUNKER "World Of Violence" (France)
MAYHEM "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" (Norvège)
DE LA MUERTE "Venganza" (Italie)
SILVER WIND "Legion of the Exiled" (France)
STAHLSARG "Mechanisms Of Misanthropy" (Angleterre)
HAZZERD "Misleading Evil" (Canada)
OZ "Transition State" (Finlande)
BELLFAST "Triquedraco" (Japon)
PALE HORSEMAN "The Fourth Seal" (Etats-Unis)
ANCIENT VVISDOM "33" (Etats-Unis)
NO RETURN "The Curse Within" (France)
CARDINALS FOLLY "Deranged Pagan Sons" (Finlande)
LETHVM "This Fall Shall Cease" (Belgique)
OBSESSION "Century Of Decadence" (France)
IMPERIOUS "Tales Of Woe - The Journey Of Odysseus, Part II : From Hades To Ithaca" (Allemagne)
IMPERIOUS "Tales Of Woe - The Journey Of Odysseus, Part I : From Ilion To Hades" (Allemagne)
CATAPULT THE DEAD "A Universal Emptiness" (Etats-Unis)
INNER AXIS "We Live By The Steel" (Allemagne)
LUNA "Swallow Me Leaden Sky" (Ukraine)
ARKHON INFAUSTUS "Passing The Nekromanteion" (France)
PURPLE HILL WITCH "Celestial Cemetary" (Norvège)
ADRENALINE RUSH  "Soul Survivor" (Suède)
HONESTY "Can You Feel The Bite Of Life" (France)
BLACK CAPRICORN "Omega" (Italie)
MORTIIS "Ånden Som Gjorde Opprör" (Norvège)
ZGARD "Within The Swirl Of Black Vigor" (Ukraine)
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