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BAD RELIGION " Age Of Unreason" (Etats-Unis)
EPITAPHE "I" (France)
CONSECRATION "Fragilium" (Grande-Bretagne)
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS "Wanderers" (Autriche)
MAMMOTH STORM "Alruna" (Suède)
AWAKEN I AM "The Beauty In Tragedy" (Australie)
LUNAR SHADOW "The Smokeless Fires" (Allemagne)
ABBATH "Outsrider" (Norvège)
ELECTRIC SHOCK "Trapped In The City" (France)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA "The Furnaces Of Palingenesia" (France)
DEEP SUN "Das Erbe Der Welt" (Suisse)
PULVER "Kings Under The Sand" (Allemagne)
RIOT CITY "Burn The Night" (Canada)
CRESTFALLEN QUEEN "Queen Of Swords" (Allemagne)
EVOHE "Deus Sive Natura" (France)
HAVAMAL "Tales of Yggdrasil" (Suède)
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Mors Aeterna" (Etats-Unis)
PIPES AND PINTS "The Second Chapter" (République Tchèque)
NUSQUAMA "Horizon Ontheemt" (Pays-Bas)
VULTURES VENGEANCE "The Knightlore" (Italie)
LORD VICAR "The Black Powder" (Finlande)
DEFLESHER "Ossuary" (France)
MONASTERIUM "Church Of Bones" (Pologne)
THORMESIS "The Sixth" (Allemagne)
ASYLUM PYRE "N°4" (France)
XENTRIX "Bury The Pain" (Angleterre)
WAR CURSE "Eradication" (Etats-Unis)
ASTRAL DOORS "Worship Or Die" (Suède)
YPRES "Genus Vitiosum" (Russie)
THRONEHAMMER "Usurper Of The Oaken Throne" (Royaume-Uni/Allemagne)
WE ARE THE CATALYST "Ephemeral" (Suède)
EMERALD "Restless Souls" (Suisse)
BLIND MONARCH "What Is Imposed Must Be Endured " (Royaume-Uni)
KAMPFAR "Ofidians Manifest" (Norvège)
ATLAS PAIN "Tales of a Pathfinder" (Italie)
DELIRIUM "Urkraft" (Allemagne)
DRUDKH "A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian" (Ukraine)
IRON BASTARDS "Cobra Cadabra" (France)
MIKE TRAMP "Stray From The Flock" (Etats-Unis)
MÅNEGARM "Fornaldarsagor" (Suède)
SÜHNOPFER "Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes" (France)
JOHN, THE VOID "III-Adversa" (Italie)
BLOODBOUND "Rise Of the Dragon Empire" (Suède)
ARCANE VOIDSPLITTER "Voice Of The Stars" (Belgique)
TEL "Lowlife" (Etats-Unis)
EDGE OF PARADISE "Alive" (Etats-Unis)
INFINITYUM "Alliance" (France)
YERۊELEM "The Sublime" (France)
FROZEN CROWN "Crowned In Frost" (Italie)
URZA "The Omnipresence Of Loss" (Allemagne)
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