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DRAGON'S EYE "The New Age" (Pologne)
MORTUS ETERNAM "Mortus Eternam" (France)
HELIOSS "The Forthcoming Darkness" (France)
EXPLICIT SILENCE "Face Your Demons" (France)
MALEPESTE "Démo" (France)
COLD LANDS "Cold Lands-e.p" (France)
STEELPREACHER "Hellraiser" (Allemagne)
NIGHTCREEPERS "Alpha" (France)
PENDACT "Days Of War" (France)
DRAKWALD "Forgotten Lands" (France)
AKEM MANAH "Beneath" (Belgique)
WINTERBURST "The Mind Cave" (France)
DIVIDEAD "Exile" (France)
SCORNFORGER "Neighbours Are Livin' Dead" (France)
SJUK "Time Has Come- e.p" (France)
NEVERCOLD "Demenphobia" (France)
HUMAN JOB « Peace Is What We Are - démo» (France)
CALCINED "Thwarted" (Suisse)
UNCHAINED "Russia" (France)
COLLAPSE "A Mano Armata" (Italie)
ENDLESS MAIN "Sea Of Lies" (Slovaquie)
KHYNN "Any Fear Calms Down" (France)
UDYR "Asaheim" (France)
LEMURIA "Chanson De La Croisade" (Belgique)
NIGROMANTIA "Blind Faith" (Hongrie)
CELTACHOR "In the Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers" (Irlande)
DEATHAWAITS "Out Of Adversity" (France)
POLARIS "The Va'adian Chronicles" (France)
QUINTESSENCE OF VERSATILITY "Quintessence Of Versatility" (France)
MEZCLA "Salir Sin Pagar" (France)
DIARY OF DESTRUCTION "Outside The Shade" (France)
DIVINE ELEMENT "Divine Element" (Grèce)
STRIKE BACK "Still Holding On" (France)
WYRMS "Aashanstys" (France)
CAVE GROWL "Something Drunk" (France)
MYSTERIA " Sufferin' " (France)
BEYOND THE PAIN "Swallow The Real" (France)
EIDON "Fantasia" (France)
ABSTRACT CELL THEORY "Démo 2010" (France)
THE LIGHTBRINGER "Quintessence of Dawn" (Canada)
AD PATRES "Promo 2010" (France)
HELIOSS "Confessions" (France)
JOE WILD "Toybox" (France)
CORPUS DIAVOLIS " Revolucia" (France)
NORDHEIM "Lost In The North" (Canada)
STONEBURST "The End" (France)
GALDERIA "Rise, Legions Of Free Men" (France)
MC GALLIGOG "Delusions of Madness" (Irlande)
ELDELVAR "Démo 2010" (Espagne)
OES GALLIATH "Epitaphes" (France)
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