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BREZNO "Kri" (Slovénie)
LAPPALAÏNEN "Kraken's Awakening" (France)
JULIEN "Away from here -démo" (France)
CEREVISIA "Trails Of A Walker" (France)
HEBOÏDOPHRENIE "Origin Of Madness" (France)
IGNOTUS ENTHROPYA "Solid Silver" (Hongrie)
FLAYED "Symphony For The Flayed" (France)
LEPOKA "Folkoholic Metal" (Espagne)
NORTHLAND "Downfall And Rebirth" (Espagne)
THIRD DIM3NSION "Where The Dragons..." (Espagne)
HELSOTT "Woven" (Etats-Unis)
PHANTOM "...of Gods and Men" (Canada)
ERASE "Same - ep" (Grèce)
NO NAMELESS "Thousand Memories And Nameless Sword" (Japon)
CELTIBEERIAN "Keltorevolution" (Espagne)
INCURSED "Elderslied" (Espagne)
HAEREDIUM "Aurora" (France)
HUMAN JOB "Between Chaos And Theory" (France)
HOLLOW GRAPH X "The Alternative" (France)
BARABBAS "Messe Pour Un Chien" (France)
MOROST "Solace In Solitude" (Slovénie)
LOKI "Tales Of The Mountains" (France)
SPELLBLAST "Nineteen" (Italie)
CRAWL "Relentless Random Irony" (France)
GUILTY AS CHARGED "Leap Of Faith" (Belgique)
EXHUMATION "Bread Buttered On Both Sides ep" Russie
MOONSHADE "Dream|Oblivion" (Portugal)
SENTINHELL "The Advent Of Shadows" (France)
THE INTRINSIC JOURNEY "The Intrinsic Journey ep" (France)
KAINE "The Waystone" (Angleterre)
7 CLUB "Serve it Loud!" (France)
MY DOPPELGÄNGER "God Is A Lie" (France)
EREXION "EreXion" (France)
TROBAR "Charivari" (Canada)
AKTARUM "Game Of Trolls" (Belgique)
SAVAGE BLAST "Speed Fire Blood" (France)
HANGATYR "Elemente" (Allemagne)
THYRUZ "Svik" (Norvège)
BARABBAS "Libérez Barabbas!" (France)
CATACOMBS "Anguish" (Australie)
DRAKWALD "Resist Fatality" (France)
VERBAL RAZORS "Verbal Razors" (France)
NEPTUNE "Prelude To Nothing" (Italie)
PIMEÄ METSÄ “Legacy of the Heathen North” (Espagne)
COLD LANDS "Inside" (France)
BAD TRIPES "Splendeurs & Viscères" (France)
SOUND OF MEMORIES "Living Circles" (France)
CALICO JACK "Panic In The Harbour" (Italie)
PRESUMPTION "...Of The Grave" (France)
YRZEN "Fimmròt" (France)
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